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Change the Numbers.

Focused on gender equality in the sciences, our STEM boxes are intended to bring education and entertainment directly to a student's home.

For centuries, women in the science fields

have been overlooked.

It's time to change that.

In 2018

2.4 million jobs in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics were unfilled.

In 2019

Women made up 50% of the college-educated workforce, but occupied only 28% of jobs in STEM.

In 2030

Over 50 million new jobs in technology or science will exist, if current trends continue (McKinsey & Co.)

Right Now

All genders should be equally encouraged to pursue their passions. Buy a box, and bring hours of science education and entertainment to your doorstep.

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Our Mission

In a time when science, medicine, and technology are more critical than ever, the push for a larger and more diverse STEM workforce has never been stronger.

During these current difficult times, students home from school are missing out on more than just classroom experience and formal education. Our goal is to bring extracurricular activities to the home by shipping boxes with absolutely all of the materials and instructions to carry out four interactive experiments. Each box also includes a custom engineering notebook and engaging descriptions of the science behind each reaction.

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In the News

Our Response to COVID-19: learn how we are keeping our clients safe here
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